This cartoon drawing represents my sisters and I, the age span from the oldest to the youngest is as close as five years.

Rancid Sis at the beach

From left to right: Me, Reina, Bianca and Stasia:

Rancid Sis' name came to life from a German phrase I've heard on daily basis when I was a kid: ''Trink deine Milch, bevor es ranzig wird!'' which means: "Drink your milk before it goes rancid." - so I thought it's so 'moi' – force of habit, since 'Ranzig' was my nickname as well!

You see; although I was allergic to Milk among many other nasty foods - I was forced to drink it, because my mom thought it was good for me, at the time people didn't know much about allergies or "Lactose intolerance" - primarily it refers to a syndrome having one or more symptoms upon the consumption of food substances containing lactose.

“Why the Peter Pan outfits?”

As new as it is, I was asked many questions about the cartoon's outfits, my idea about it, was something I kept in parallel from my childhood and the current Peter Pan syndrome.

In psychology, Peter Pan Syndrome refers to younger generations' temperament not wanting to grow up and their corresponding immature behaviours. This syndrome is most likely reefed during the 80s/90s generation where the process of a sense of responsibility does not occur nearly as early as it used to. Possibly contributing factors might include over-protectiveness of modern parents, rising costs of living, and increased difficulty in finding satisfactory partners.

The phenomenon was based on Peter Pan, a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie who never ages and acts with carelessness and fearlessly cocky behaviours. The syndrome is more commonly known for boys than girls, who learn responsibility earlier as they become aware of the concept of family, childbirth etc.

In reality the main thought about the cartoon production struck me as soon as I saw a funny cartoon by Aunt Acid a friend sent me for the Christmas Holidays!

I posted a poll on facebook for further direction for more production... please help me out and vote.